Simon Walsh

Simon Walsh

Wimbledon 2014

Simon Walsh WTA Tour Coach

My name is Simon Walsh. I am an Australian Professional Tour Coach and have been working on the WTA Tour (Women’s Tennis Association) for the last 20 years.

In this time I have also been a National Women's Coach for several major Tennis Federations such as the LTA, GB Tennis and China ( CTA ) as well as having coached

professional players at 64 Grand Slams.

I have also taken 12 women to the top 100 & 50 on the WTA world rankings and have worked with several top ranked players such as Samantha Stosur, former world top 10 & US Open Grand Slam Champion and Jarmila Gajdosova, former world top 25.

Daniel's Service

I met Daniel Cleal 5 years ago whilst in Australia and immediately I was impressed by him. At the time I was working with one of Australia's best women players Monique Adamczak who was coming back from a serious ACL knee injury.

I enlisted Daniel's services and expertize in helping me with Monique's recovery and that was where I first saw how unique and special he is with what he does.

Through my profession I have seen and come into contact with literally hundreds of physiotherapists, fitness coaches and movement experts around the world but never met anyone like Daniel.

He made a huge difference in helping Monique's recovery and return back to full competitiveness on the women's professional tennis tour.

Since then I have enlisted Daniel's services on many more occasions to work with professional players I have coached.

In some cases I engaged his help with players who were also injured and he always made a significant positive difference with their progress & recovery.

Some of my players Daniel has worked with include some of the best young National Chinese team players as well as most recently with Rika Fujiwara of Japan.

Rika is a former number 13 in the world in doubles and 80 in singles as well as having been a Grand Slam semi-finalist.

I have also had Daniel assist me with my players at major Grand Slam Tournaments such as the Australian Open & Wimbledon.

As I say from my experience & years in the world of professional tennis I have never come across anyone like Daniel.

His unique background himself as a former top athlete combined with his specialist area and incredible understanding of corrective movement and balance for me clearly separates him with the many standard coaches/physical therapists out there.

Added to this Daniel is a terrific person, he is always very passionate about helping anyone he works with to reach their full potential, he is always incredible professional with a great temperament, has a wonderful personality and positivity as a teacher.

For me it's always an honor working with him and whenever he can help me with any of my players.

I cannot recommend highly enough and anyone who has the great opportunity to work with him will realize how special he is.