Monique Adamczak

Australian WTA World Ranked

Tennis Professional

“As a professional female tennis player, playing on the WTA Tour for the last 10...

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Emily Sarsfield

British No.1 Ski Cross Athlete

“I have been working with Daniel Cleal who has been focusing on my...

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Simon Walsh

WTA World Tour Coach

My name is Simon Walsh. I am an Australian Professional Tour Coach and have been working on the WTA Tour (Women’s Tennis Association) for the last 20 years.

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Frederick Shanks

6 Times World Champion & Volvo

Ocean Race Sailor

“Having been a dedicated sportsman for nearly 20 years and a professional sailor...

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Graham Miles

Locked-in syndrome man learns

to walk again.

A Sussex man facing a lifetime of paralysis has defied medical experts and learnt to walk again.

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