About Daniel

Daniel has been involved with in a performance and movement spectrum for over 3 decades building up a vast knowledge and experience in the field of physical education, exercise rehabilitation and movement therapy.

He found a passion for human movement many years ago, with a successful career as a junior British Gymnast accumulating 3 national titles.

He now works predominantly in the field of human performance, exercise physiology, injury prevention and injury rehabilitation.


Since 2007 Daniel has worked along side many great international athletes and individuals including Great British Olympian, Ocean Race World Champion, WTA tennis players from the UK, Europe, Asia and Australia, International rugby union players from England, Ireland and Australia as well as athletes from professional sporting clubs.

Daniel has also been an athletic trainer and on-site therapist at two major tennis grand slam events, the Wimbledon Championships and the Australian Open. In 2010 Daniel was also  documented by the BBC in relation to his work in the field of neurological rehabilitation.

Move3 provides solutions in 2 key areas:

1.Therapy -This is direct action on the treatment and rehabilitation of injury or illness. We provide manual therapy and exercise based instruction to assist those injured and guide them back to full health.

2.Performance -This comes in the way of injury prevention strategies and further performance conditioning. We provide a layered and systematic approach to strength and conditioning by where we look to optimise human performance across a plethora of sporting and non-sporting domains.